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Moving Tips

Moving house is an important and potentially exciting event in your life. At Appleyards we will do everything in our power to make it a hassle free experience. We have a lot of experience in the removal industry and can offer a lot of advice.

We hope that this list of moving tips will help you prepare for the move.

Prepare Ahead + Packing

When moving house you will need to organise many things ahead of time, make a list of the things you have to do. Get plenty of packing materials, it takes a lot longer to pack smaller items away in boxes than most people realise so start early and be amazed how easy and fun this is. Packing materials are available from Appleyards.

Our surveyor can advise you on the best method of packing during the survey.

  • Wardrobe boxes are usually supplied on the day of the move due to the size of them
  • Small pictures can be boxed, large pictures leave in place and our removal crews will remove them as and when a safe place in the load becomes available
  • In most cases drawers can be filled with non breakable items saving you space
  • Drawers under beds can be filled with duvets + pillows but suggest any heavy items are removed to save the bed frame breaking