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Britannia Appleyard of Rotherham attend truck security summit in Brussels Belgium

Brussels Home Office meeting

During the first Week of September Britannia Appleyards received an invite from the Home office to attend the truck security summit in Brussels.

With the situation deteriorating in Calais and through out Europe we had accepted the invite within minutes.

Travelling out through Calais  on the Sunday and spending the night in Brussels David Appleyard attended the meeting on Monday the  28th September 2015.

Also in attendance were :-

The European Commission

Freight Transport Association


Beverley Bell - Senior Traffic Commissioner

Members of the Romanian Embassy

Road Haulage Association

Irish Road Haulage Association

Swedish Transport Agency

UK Police

French Police

Swedish Freight Association

French representatives to the EU

Polish Representatives to the EU

UK Foreign office

Border Force


and roughly 90 Transport companies


The meeting was very productive for all involved and I am sure we all learnt something new whether it be from the various workshop tool box talks or earlier debates involving Insurance companies etc.

The situation in Calais has cost our depot in the region of £50,000 to £60,000 Between April and December 2015 so we are happy to assist with any initiatives that may come our way.

We look forward to working with Border Force and the UK Foreign office in the future. 



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